About this Site

After Jason Hajdik's Visual Discography at Sky as a Kite is dead I thought this one may be useful for those who just want to know what's out there and those hardcore collectors like me as well.

The pages normally show what you see when having the item in hands without unfolding any booklets (so normally front, front inside, back, cd, back inside (where available)), additional scans where appropriate.

Some words about the scans: All scans of the cds are 150 dpi, compressed jpgs (normally using 30% with The Gimp, more if necessary to explore interesting details). Most LP and 12" covers and inserts are made with a Sony digicam (65-70 dpi) (labels 150 dpi), 7" covers are 120 dpi (labels 150 dpi), tapes are 165 dpi. All promo sheets are 75 dpi.

How can I contribute to this page? If you have anything for trade that you don't see here (or that differs in any detail), let me know, I'll be interested in trading (provided your offer is honest and fair). If you found any errors/inaccuracies or additional info that should be included, please let me know, too.

Suggestions to make this site better fitting your needs? email me.