Concert and Curiosity MC

Origin: Germany
released: 84//
Cat.Nr.: 823682-4
comes in: plastic shell
Tracks: Shake Dog Shake
Charlotte Sometimes
The Hanging Garden
Give Me It
The Walk
One Hundred Years
A Forest
10.15 Saturday Night
Killing an Arab

Heroin Face (77/12/4)
Boys Don't Cry (demo 78/5/27)
Subway Song (79/10)
At Night (80/6/9)
In Your House (80/1/15)
The Drowning Man (81/8)
Other Voices (81)
The Funeral Party (81/11)
All Mine (82/5/1)
Forever (84/5/15)
Remarks: only official release with Heroin Face, Boys Don't Cry (demo), All Mine, and Forever