Overview for non Fiction interviews (the Fiction interviews are in the misc section). There's a lot of redundance in these discs:

Info on Baktabak interviews is coming later (CDs have mainly same content as LPs and the BAKPAK 1005).

The Conversation Disc Series is identical to Words About Music (WAM 02), the first 14'29" are also found on Lips that Speak....

The Disinformation CD/LP covers the same as The Cure UK 4*Picture 7". Track 3 and 4 are the 'In the Toilet with ...' interviews from '90 and '91 and are also found on The Cure 90 7" and Interview 91 7" respectively, track 5 is from the Brit Awards '91 press conference and is also found on an 12" picture disc. Tracks 1 and 2 are identical to the first two interviews from Conversation Disc Series and rereleases above.