Just Like Heaven

7" blue
12" blue
7" black
12" black
border, CS
Just Like Heaven (3:17) x   x   
Just Like Heaven (3:29)   x   x  
Just Like Heaven (video)      x
Snow in Summer x x    
Sugar Girl   x    
Breathe    x x  
A Chain of Flowers     x  
Catch      x
Hot Hot Hot !!!      x
Why Can't I be You? (extended)     x

The European CDV is the only official release with Hey You !!! on cd. Six Different Ways and Push (live) are taken from In Orange, these can also be found on Inbetween Days CDV.

Note also the slight differences in the artwork (left/right side of the lip on the front cover, different 'r' in 'the cure', ...). - some more remarks to differences between the releases coming later