Other sites dealing with visual discographies (of officially released records)

"The Cure Visual Discography" at "Sky as a Kite" - is dead
Does anyone know how to contact Jason Hajdik!?

On Fiction - An Improbable Collection
- an excellent, almost complete discography with small (<= 50 dpi) scans of many items

The Gallery at Plainsong
includes 30 very rare items - you may not even know that they existed
and don't miss their excellent fast growing CureBase with lots of pictures

The Cure - Japan - Discography at New Day
Growing Japanese discography, includes also many additional infos (and the rest of this site is great, too).

A Journey thru Mexican releases at The Cure - Record Collecting
Mexican Discography with a lot of pictures.

Records at The Cure in Brazil
Brazilian Discography with cover photos.

Looking for infos/inserts for unauthorised records?

Take a look at my Visual Discography of Unauthorised Records and the links there
Complete artwork of about 240 records, additional info, and links to other sites with some more artwork.