Greatest Hits VCD

Origin: China
released: 01//
Cat.Nr.: DHL011006
comes in: jewel case in cardboard slip case
Tracks: Boys Don't Cry
A Forest
Let's Go to Bed
The Walk
The Lovecats
Inbetween Days
Close to Me
Why Can't I be You?
Just Like Heaven
Never Enough
Friday I'm in Love
Mint Car
Wrong Number
Cut Here
Just Say Yes

though someone confirmed that this is an official Chinese release, I have strong doubts about this, but it's well made

the cover also lists A Forest (acoustic), The Lovecats (acoustic), Close to Me (acoustic), Lullaby (acoustic), Friday I'm in Love (acoustic), and Just Say Yes (acoustic), but these tracks are not on the disc (thanks to Gabriel for pointing this out to me)